XOSignals Achieves Milestone of 1 Million App Downloads


Leading global trade signal provider, XOSignals, announced that it has reached a vital milestone of one million downloads of its app. The company takes great pride in bringing about a revolution in the way trading is conducted around the world. Its premium desktop platform and mobile app give both retail and institutional traders access to accurate and timely trading signals on a wide range of financial instruments, including forex, commodities, gold, CFDs and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, for informed decision making.

The company is also proud to support the largest trading community on its platform over the past four years, with its signals and technical analysis helping users discover new forex pairs, commodities and cryptocurrencies to trade. Using the signals provided traders are able to identify long-term patterns and market trends to make predictions regarding future price movements of their chosen financial instrument.

More than 300,000 active traders spread across 25 countries have won more than 200,000 pips using the technical analysis offered by the XOSignals. Their best-in-class app has achieved a 4.6-star app rating on the Google Play Store due to its user-friendliness. Users can also access live chat support for prompt help with using the trading signals.

What Makes XOSignals Stand Apart?

Available in 23 languages, the XOSignals app and online platform offers trading access via a live feed, charting and technical indicators. Some of the other unique features include:

1. Traders can directly receive accurate signals

Timely access to information can help intraday forex traders capitalise on multiple trading opportunities that arise through the day. For this, XOSignals provides direct signals for automated trading. More importantly, every signal is authentic and based on algorithmic trading and back-testing and takes into account both technical and fundamental analysis. Traders can choose to get the signals directly on their mobile device or use the web platform.

2. Access to custom watchlists

One of the features that have helped the company create a niche for itself as the provider of the best trading signals is the availability of customized updates on market fundamentals and custom watchlists that offer timely support for day trading.

3. Live Feed

Trading signals will be useless unless traders have access to real-time market data, price movements, news and analysis. The live feed offered by the app allows traders to follow market movements for forex pairs, cryptocurrencies and stocks.

4. Copy trading

With one of the largest trading communities on the platform, traders have the opportunity to follow expert traders and use their strategies to capitalise on price moves. With professional traders across the breadth of the financial markets also using the XOSignals trading signals, beginners and experienced traders can make the most of copy trading.

5. Live chat support

Beginner and intermediate traders can get all their questions regarding trading answered in real-time through this feature. Whether they are looking for support understanding charts or signals or wish to clarify any doubts regarding trading, live support can help them get prompt responses. The live chat feature also allows users to interact and exchange trading ideas.

6. Broker and Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews

For long-term trading success, knowledge is not enough. Traders require the support of trustworthy brokers and crypto exchanges. To help traders make informed choices, XOSignals also provides in-depth reviews of brokers and crypto exchanges, including the average rating given to the specific broker/exchange by anywhere between 300 and over 1,000 traders.

7. Educational Resources

XOSignals also empowers traders through six educational courses that cover a wide range of topics related to trading the financial markets. So far, 5,000 users have completed the educational courses, with a success rate of 97%.

Origin: www.xosignals.com

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Julia Willis

Thanks for the lessons! I’m from Iloilo City, Philippines and doing some sales as side hustle. I learned a lot from you on my first time of trading. I created my own new system of rules and strategy. New trader here hoping to make it big.

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Marsha Foster

Platform IQ Option: Often does not save the level you draw, news are not updated in real time but always with delay and sometimes you have to refresh to see a news and this just to say SOME of the issues that they still have after years . They keep putting out updates and any updates has new bugs. Sad realty.

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GC Option Platform stuck so then you cant trade . They always say we apologies and thats it.. This platform is really bad not for day trading or shorting. if you short the stock and pay locate fee after that plat form mostly stuck and then you dont know when it will resume. your all money can be wasted and even your whole account can be wiped off. So be carefull guys.

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student Karl

Alpari student here, just started this last week, already on lesson 6 in your small cap day trading course…absolutely love the course…Unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow me to get into the live mentor classes, but anyways, thanks for always staying relatable!

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I work a full time job, and also do amazon fba, this will be the 3rd year of growing my amazon business .. Starting 2020 I will be able to fund my trading account with enough money to not worry about my main job 🙂